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VINYL  FLOORING || أرضيات الفينيل

LVT vs. Ceramic and Stones

  1. Ceramics and stones are cold and hard to walk on; LVTs are warm and soft.

  2. Ceramics and stones can chip, crack, shatter easily; LVTs will not.

  3. Ceramics and stones require the use backer board, mortar, wet saw grout to install; LVTs require only a straight edge, a utility knife, and an adhesive to install. With our Anti-slip and click products, you could stay in the room right after finishing installation.

  4. A damaged piece of ceramics or stones is very difficult to remove and replace; A damaged piece of LVTs can be easily removed and replaced with a new one.

LVT vs. Sheet Vinyl

  1. Vinyl sheets are difficult to handle; LVTs are a lot easier to handle.

  2. Vinyl sheets can tear, rip and gauge easily; LVTs will not.

  3. Vinyl sheets must be replaced in full when damaged; LVTs can be replaced piece by piece when needed.

LVT vs. Laminate

  1. Laminates are cold and hard to feet; LVTs are warm and soft.

  2. Laminates are noisy to walk over; LVTs are quiet to walk over.

  3. Laminates are not waterproof while LVT is.

LVT Free of Plastic Product

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